During our thorough and meticulous consultation, we provide you with a full explanation of your case and what you may or may not qualify for. We diagnose your case in a very careful and meaningful manner. Attorney Bazán has law teaching experience and goes out of her way to explain every detail to you. Ms. Bazán believes in educating her clients and in providing a full explanation of a transparent process. With this tool, you will be equipped not to fall pray of other unscrupulous immigration preparers or lawyers and will know exactly what to expect.


Many people come with the predisposed notion that they are knowledgeable in regards to their immigration matter and want to hire without consulting. Either people have been told by a relative or acquaintance what to expect in regards to their case, or they interpret the law in a way they feel comfortable with. Not only is it negligent for us to assume you are correct, but your lack of experience and knowledge of the law can lead to your own downfall, and you may be placed in deportation proceedings. We are here to prevent that course and to safely proceed and carefully guide you through your immigration process. It is important to consult with a licensed attorney because you will be speaking with someone who actually studied the field and has years of experience. Going to an immigration preparer is not enough. Should complications arise in your case in the future, only an attorney will provide you with the opportunity to defend you. An immigration preparer or a friend will not be capable of defending you in court proceedings. It will not negatively impact you to hear the advice from an experienced attorney, but it can very much be detrimental to you should you choose to solely move forward based on what a friend told you or your interpretation of the law.


If it is determined that you in fact have a case, we will carefully explain the process and appropriate fees. Upon hiring our law firm, we will provide you with a detailed list of documents and information we will need from you. We will work side by side with you to solidify your case, and to also make sure you really understand what is going on. Many clients are actually surprised by how much supporting documentation we may request, depending on the type of case, but all of this is done so that your case will go as smoothly as possible after it is submitted. The main objective is for your process to be approved, not for us to quickly brush through your case without efficiently preparing it. We do not risk a denial, although an approval may only be determined by USCIS. Once we feel the package is complete, we will have the client come in to review the packet together. Necessary changes can be made at this point. After review, the client will sign and pay appropriate fees to have their packet sent.


Many immigrants are understandably frustrated with the exhausting and extremely lengthy processing times. When you hire our law firm we provide you with current immigration processing times with the tools that you will need to look up your own case in the event these times may vary.  We will also explain in detail what the processing times are and how to access them online in order to calculate how much longer you would need to wait. Sometimes people get desperate and they don’t know how to tell the difference between waiting periods with USCIS and Immigration Court versus whether their attorney did not timely submit the case and for this reason we provide our clients with proof of mailing which includes receipts and tracking numbers. Some clients also hear about other people obtaining their status sooner but lack to understand the difference between processes and how every case is different.

Please keep in mind that all processes are different such as applications for permanent residency status, U-Visas, VAWAs, Naturalization, among others.  Therefore, USCIS’s processing times will differ depending on the case and the time period in which it was submitted.  These processing times are solely controlled by the immigration services (USCIS) and as a result no attorney can control them. It is our goal to prevent any case from going past these times, and we ask all our clients to be as helpful as they need to be in their case. If you do not want your case to be delayed, then you will have to work with us. This is done by timely providing all required documentation and information.


When you hire us, we provide you with current processing times at that specific moment. Unfortunately, these processing times change. More than usually they become longer waiting periods. For instance, our U visa cases that came in 2014 were told that the processing times were about one year. Overtime these processing times increased and are currently taking approximately 3-5 years to process. Nevertheless, patience is required. For many people, obtaining a U-visa is the only way they may ever adjust status in the U.S., and it is therefore a beacon of hope and opportunity for many. Please refer our Immigration News tab for our U visa article.


When you meet with your attorney, you are required to disclose pertinent information relating to your immigration matter. You should disclose all arrests or convictions in any part of the world, marriages, children in any part of the world, and other relevant details of your case. Lack of cooperation and unresponsiveness with our office will only delay the submission of your packet.  Concealing this sort of information will only delay your case further at your own risk. Even if you decide and insist your packet be submitted either way, USCIS, for example, will send a request for additional evidence, and will place your case on hold until a response is received.

Our immigration representation ranges from the numerous sorts of cases found below:

  • Family Based Petitions
  • VAWA’s (self-petitions for victims of domestic violence)
  • U-visas (immigration status for victims of crimes)
  • Provisional Unlawful Presence waivers(I-601A)
  • Waivers for grounds of inadmissibility including fraud, criminal convictions, among others (I-601)
  • Naturalization and citizenship (acquisition and derivation)
  • Detention and Removal defenses in immigration court
  • Cancellation of Removal for legal permanent residents and non-legal permanent residents
  • Asylum (fear of persecution based on political opinion, membership in a social group (may include domestic violence), race, religion and nationality)https://www.uscis.gov/es/programas-humanitarios/refugiados-y-asilo/asilo
  • Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJ) for children under 21 who have been abused or abandoned by one or both parents in or outside the U.S.
  • T-Visas for trafficking victims
  • Green card renewals
  • Work permit renewals
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) (Pending Congress)
  • Appeals and Motions to Reopen with USCIS EOIR and BIA
  • All other immigration law matters


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We distinguish ourselves from other immigration law firms in that we understand the hesitance and distrust many people present when meeting a new attorney. Many times consultations are used as marketing tools where you will be lured in and deceived into believing that you will be afforded immigration status. We are not here to defraud you and take your money for pleasure, while all the meanwhile providing you with false hope and expectations that will risk your status in the U.S.

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